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GPs put obesity back on the health agenda

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Palin News

Palin adds new Account Manager to team

Zoe Adler Bishop joined the Palin Communications team as a new full time Account Manager in June. Zoe had been doing such a good job freelancing at Palin that we decided we didn’t want her to go...Read more


Health News

China to send elite army unit to Liberia to halt Ebola spread

China's foreign ministry says the country's assistance will not stop until the Ebola epidemic is eradicated in West Africa. A squad from the People's Liberation Army will build a 100-bed treatment...Read more

3D printed organs another step closer as biofabrication enters university mainstream

Australian students will soon be learning how to use 3D printing to churn out living replacement body parts, as universities team with their European counterparts to offer a world-first degree...Read more

South Coast nurse wants Australia to help fight Ebola crisis

South Coast nurse Annette Alldrick says it's not too late for the government to send clinicians to West Africa, to help fight the Ebola...Read more


Price signals and medical care

In Joseph Heller’s legendary ‘70’s novel Catch 22, archetypal free profiteer Milo Minderbinder is astounded that the novel’s protagonist Yossarian is granted “all the dried fruit he wants” as...Read more

Does healthcare PR actually work?

About ten years ago the Palin team was invited to present credentials to a major multi-national pharmaceutical company in Australia and we were encouraged to showcase a couple of our PR success...Read more

Some examples of our latest work.

We are changing section of the medical landscape every day.


Doctor On Your side

Promoting the role of GPs in helping patients to manage weight loss.

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Clinical Genomics 

PR program to raise industry awareness of the company’s progress in developing a blood based test for bowel cancer.

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Triple P

A world-first project providing 2 years free support to every parent or carer of a child with a disability in NSW.

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