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Client contributions to great campaigns

Put down the cap, pick up the plane ticket.

Efficiency is more than a cliché in Australian healthcare

Blockchain and healthcare: Government policy the main barrier to adoption?

Doubts and scrutiny in public health

Options for funding better access to medicines

The re-imagining of health PR

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Social media and reputation: Simplifying the equation for Australian healthcare companies

PR’s constant renewal

When content is not strategy (or how to get retweeted to millions of followers)

From awareness to activation: Direct to consumer campaigns for big medical companies

Some future (obvious and not so obvious) Australian trends in healthcare PR

Six things to know to kick start your PR career

Does PR Wag the Dog?

Reducing the risk of death

Price signals and medical care

The Trend Toward Independent Agencies in Healthcare PR

When diseases are no laughing matter

Does healthcare PR actually work?

Media cuts set to drive renewed interest in pre-packaged medical news

Can you be held to account for the social media links you don’t control?

Integrating social media, digital marketing and public relations

Mixing medical and marketing messages to maximise merit

The money or the box?

Welcome to the new age of big pharma transparency

Cracking the code to better ethical PR

Can PR help secure public funding?

Seven reasons why it makes sense to outsource PR & media relations

Seven things to ask a PR consultant before you contract them

Seven Top Tips for Healthcare PR

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