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The re-imagining of health PR

Posted by Martin Palin

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Feb 16, 2017 12:24:40 PM


They say that if a hammer is the only tool you’ve got, then everything looks like a nail.

So it was with health PR back in the day when the main skill PR consultants brought to the market was an ability to make news and drive editorial. Good PR was always about being in the newspaper or on TV. 



It was simple and relatively one dimensional.

The emergence of content marketing and social media – along with trend toward thinking more broadly about the integrated use of owned, paid, shared and earned media – has changed all that.

Everything is now linked to (and helping to drive) everything else.

A client actually remarked to us the other day that PR is not even just PR anymore…..” which seems a bit illogical but essentially right given the history.

It means good PR people bring integrated, diverse solutions to the table.

It also means they bring new skills to the challenge. Whereas previously they may have brought a keen news sense and some writing expertise, well rounded PR people now bring content production, media strategy, creative development, social media nous and analytic skills that help confirm the campaign is working.

It’s more fun for us and more rewarding for clients. It delivers more commercially relevant outcomes for the people that commission the work.

So when the Palin team says we are “Health PR reimagined”, it means we embody the full potential of health PR to draw on new tactics, the latest platforms and emerging trends to drive the kind of change you are craving.

The kind of campaigns that were unthinkable as PR just a few years ago are the kind of campaigns the Palin team is working on right now.

Because we’ve re-imagined the potential of what they might be and what they might deliver for our clients.

Below: Leveraging influencer-owned social channels to conduct research and drive earned editorial.







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