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Doubts and scrutiny in public health

Driving to work I heard ABC radio report on a new study suggesting that one in four Australian teenagers are at risk of having a “probable serious mental illness”.

You can find the full published report here.

Two things occurred to me on hearing it.

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The re-imagining of health PR

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The creative conundrum and other dilemmas in big Pharma marketing

There were three standout themes for health-focused PR agencies in the latest Pharma In Focus White Paper (Marketing in Australian Pharmaceutical Companies in 2015/16). They were creativity, procurement and quality.

First creativity. Boy, what a can of worms! Agencies say clients “place little value on creative solutions, preferring a tried and tested approach”. Well that may be the case with some companies. But agencies also acknowledge that clients “called for creativity in tackling problems”.

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Firing up the machine to turn a launch into a campaign

What kind of communications approach can turn the launch of a new report or new clinical data into a real campaign of advocacy?

It’s a more important question than people realise.

Marketers get all worked up about the possibility of using PR because they’ve got some new clinical paper being published or they’ve commissioned some expert to do a big review of their disease area.

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PR’s constant renewal

None of the cells that make up your bones, skin and muscle as a kindergarten kid are still alive when you are an adult. They’ve done their job, died and been replaced by new cells.

The notion of “business as a living organism” got me thinking about how much things have changed in business since my own consultancy made the transition from start up to young adult.

The name and essence of the business is essentially unchanged since our doors opened when John Howard was in his first year as Prime Minister. But now none of the people in the Palin Communications team are the same, it’s in a different location and what we help clients achieve now is unrecognisable from back in the day. It’s the same organism but it’s composed of different cells.

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