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Palin Communications is a specialised and independent healthcare marketing and PR agency that puts our people first.

Because happy people do brilliant work.
It’s as simple as that.


The team at Palin Communications is close-knit. Staff work in close proximity and are always open for a chat or suggestion regarding projects.


At Palin Communications, everyone reports to Martin but there is no strict hierarchy and everyone's thoughts are welcome and encouraged regarding any project or client in the business. Every member of staff is there to help and Martin's door is always open.

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There is a team work in progress (WIP) meeting every Monday morning where everyone catches up on each others projects and meetings.

There are frequent brainstorms for new clients or new projects which is an open discussion around the issue in which all team members participate.

Palin Team
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All team members are full time however there is room for part-time work if that suits the situation and individual person. The team also work from home on occasion if the need arises. Days in lieu are offered if a work commitment crosses over onto the weekend or public holiday.


All staff members have regular performance reviews and individual assessments. Everyone has a letter of agreement outlining agreed future plans and progress.

All consultants are relied upon to help shape the future of the business and keep the agency at the top of its game.



The business is a member of various associations and so is able to provide numerous professional development opportunities for staff at all levels.

Internships for university students

Palin Communications welcomes interns from a range of backgrounds and levels. Suitable interns are typically university students working toward a communications-related degree.


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