Vale and Service Standards in Health Marketing and PR

Palin team-2020-1Values and standards are important in agency life. They help explain why people choose to work at one agency over another. 

They help guide work, projects, client choice, recruitment, creative processes and other business priorities on an ongoing basis.

They lend purpose and authenticity to the daily business of getting to work, feeling good about that, being part of a respectful team and progressing your own career.
They also help define a sense of “team” which is so crucial to a successful agency. We’ve developed values and standards at Palin Communications for all the reasons above. They are based on internal discussions, Away Day sessions and brainstorms.
They are informed by our annual survey of clients and our “Net Promoter” telephone questionnaire of key people in the industry. The aim is to commit to these values and standards because:
(1) they are consistent with the needs and aspirations of our clients and
(2) they are an articulation of the circumstances under which people are prepared to work at Palin Communications.
If we live and operate by these values and standards then the prospect of our working life being more fulfilling and stimulating will be greatly enhanced.
A team that embraces these standards in the context of the agency’s heritage (deeply specialised health-focused PR) gives itself the best possible chance of being progressive, engaging, ethical, evolved, respected and commercially profitable.


10x Client Service Standards

We commit to being able to explain how PR strategy relates to specific challenges in healthcare. We can provide strategic advice on the latest approaches because of our up to date knowledge of PR tactics and our unique insights into what PR can deliver.


We will challenge clients with commercially relevant insights that are based on our experience in running health-focused communications projects. These insights are derived from case studies, broader exposure and our commitment to knowing the drivers in our clients’ businesses.


We commit to pushing the boundaries, challenging clients and bringing the latest innovative approaches to meet the business priorities of our clients. We are prepared to fail if by failing we learn important lessons for our clients about which creative solutions suit which scenarios best in the future. We are committed to exploring new solutions and explaining their potential to clients in a way that draws a link between creativity and business success.


We commit to understanding the uniqueness of our clients and will tailor recommendations to their needs. We want every client to feel like they are involved in a truly special, award-winning campaign. We commit to looking at each challenge as unique.


We commit to providing accurate, well-written, mistake-free documents and correspondence to clients. We accept our clients have a low tolerance for mistakes and that typos, grammatical errors and poor writing all reflect badly on the Palin business and broader team.


We commit to staying in regular contact with clients, making ongoing suggestions about new opportunities based on our knowledge of emerging trends and opportunities. This is a key way in which we add value to programs that are approved and ongoing.


We commit to providing quick turnaround times with a view to being responsive, accessible and alert. We commit to hitting our deadlines and understand that a promise to deliver at a certain time is a promise that must be kept.


We are driven by our commitment to generating meaningful results for clients. We are committed to agreeing and delivering on approved KPIs and working toward agreed metrics. We want clients to conclude that we deliver great “bang for the buck”.


We commit to providing insightful evaluations based on the latest industry standards around metrics, KPIs, evaluation frameworks and quantifiable outcomes. We will integrate the concept of measurement from start to finish in programs, integrating relevant input, outtake and outcome data related to the campaign.


We are determined to make work enjoyable by partnering with clients who share our values of inclusion, transparency, respect, acceptance, professionalism and honesty. We are accepting of people from all kinds of backgrounds, religions, heritage and outlook. Fun and stimulation come from participating, sharing and accepting diversity.


  • Always be in the top echelon of healthcare PR agencies in Australia
  • To have a sustainable, profitable business with a great reputation
  • Ensure our annual top line revenue is consistent with our leadership aspirations
  • To retain a reputation for high quality and exceptional client service
  • To be able to pick and choose the projects as selected by the team


  • Hire the very best people
  • Commit to reviews, mentoring and constant improvement for all team members
  • Hold team members accountable to team values and individual KPIs
  • Reward and acknowledge great performance


  • Commit to a constant program of review for all disciplines guided by our service standards
  • All projects reviewed for learnings and implications
  • Templates developed and used for all major functions
  • Processes used on main functions (brainstorming, evaluation, creative development, social media strategy) are ‘cutting edge’ by industry standards


  • All team members mentored to be leaders
  • Demonstrate industry leadership via our content and commentary
  • Demonstrate leadership via innovation and creativity on projects
  • Portray the business and the team as experienced industry leaders


  • Develop a portfolio of clients directed by our agreed criteria of interest and engagement
  • We decline invitations and opportunities and prospects who do not meet our criteria
  • Our marketing is such high quality that it delivers options in regard to customer choice
  • Score consistently high on our annual client survey


  • We value: Accountability, client-focus, teamwork, support of individuals, innovation, constant improvement, excellence, clear priority-setting and openness
  • We don’t value: Commitments not kept, responsibilities shifted, dishonesty, anything that compromises the good reputation of the team and business, shortcuts, laziness, negativity, blame and unprofessional behaviour


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