Palin Team

Our consultants are passionate about health and wellness

They are PR professionals committed to applying their communications and marketing skills to projects that will improve lives and promote good health.


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They could work in any sector.

However they choose to work in healthcare (and at Palin Communications)
because they want to make a difference.



Our people are well awarded too

Prime Comms Cons Award Pria Awards Asia Pacific Golden Target Awards


Palin Communications is an independent boutique health-focused PR agency.


Martin and Gabrielle Palin set it up in 1997. The aspirations that underpinned its launch are as relevant now as they were over 20 years ago. We wanted to build an evolving, specialised, client-focused agency that would attract the very best people.
It’s different to big multi-national agencies. It’s built around respect, teamwork and an acceptance that there is more going on in people’s lives than just work. We want to see people in the Palin team progress and get better. If that happens more quickly than normal, then that’s great.
We figured if you build the best and brightest team, then you also end up with progressive, professional, creative, inclusive clients.
So now we’ve got the best people, working on the best health-related projects and partnering with the most inclusive, professional clients.
And that’s what we’d hoped for.
Right from the start.
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Martin and Gabrielle Palin

The Mindful Movement is an initiative developed by Palin Communications to ensure we remain proactive and accountable around mental health.


It reflects our commitment to reviewing and implementing measures to promote our team’s wellbeing.
We are empowering our team with the skills, resources and confidence to advocate for their mental health and wellbeing because we know that one size does not fit all.
Our Mindful Movement also includes the development of minimum standards for our agency, flexible working practices, mental health days, team bonding and social activities, as well as access to best practice resources and expert training.

Palin is proud to be leading discussions around mental health and wellbeing in the Australian PR industry.
The Mindful Movement by Palin Communications

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