Video and Resources in Health Marketing and PR

Gain more traction by turning words into more engaging video content.

Palin Communications has integrated compelling video content into many award-winning PR campaigns.

branded video is one of the most effective ways to make a positive impression in a very short time, educate your clients in a way they prefer, and establish your brand as a thought leader - all very quickly and efficiently. 

Video is also a great way to have your message shared across all types of social media platforms and email. 

However, it's critical in video production that you know exactly what form your video should take, what to include and leave out, how to produce and share your visual message, and what budget is the right budget for your product values and ROI expectations. The team at Palin PR will work with you to:

  • define the messaging

  • identify key phrases and words

  • create a concept

  • write the scripts

  • source voice-overs

  • produce the video using the right type of video format (animation explainers, headshots, personnel, actor-based, slide shows etc).

To date, we have produced videos for:  

  • Educational purposes

  • Social media campaigns

  • Disease-focused web domains

  • Community service announcements

  • and more

Take a peek at our showreel below for recent video content to see what we come up with. You can also check out our YouTube channel for our latest video updates.


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