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Health PR. Reimagined

What would it take to turn your health communications brief into a memorable, multi-faceted campaign that smashes all its goals?

What We Do

Healthcare PR has been completely transformed. No longer focused exclusively on media relations, it now integrates the full range of earned, owned, paid and shared media to deliver consistent, measurable, commercially relevant outcomes.

Health PR. Reimagined. 

Highly effective health-focused campaigns built on multichannel storytelling, authentic third-party advocacy and tangible metrics for increased accountability. We tailor your message for consumers, healthcare professionals, media targets and other stakeholders.
Building Brand Authority in the Healthcare Sector
How Palin PR Approaches Healthcare PR

How We Do It

Our focus is on your issues and needs. We bring a creative, open, media-agnostic mind-set to your communications challenges with just one question in mind:
What would it take to turn your brief into a memorable, multi-faceted campaign that smashed all its measurable performance indicators?

Our People

Talented PR professionals applying their skills to projects that improve lives and promote good health.


Proven Methods

Some people think Healthcare PR is just PR that targets doctors and pharmacist. Not true. 


Fresh Ideas

Award-winning creativity designed to builds healthcare brands, grow categories and drive sales.

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on June 22, 2020
It is no secret that PR and communications professionals work in a high pressure environment. Employee mental health and wellbeing became even more crucial this year as the ‘always on’ news cycle and ...
on June 22, 2020
The Palin Communications team recently helped with the public launch and communications infrastructure of the COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce. The Taskforce brings together peak health ...
on June 22, 2020
Palin Communications Senior Account Manager Maya Ivanovic is a winner in the PR category of the prestigious ‘B&T 30 Under 30’ which identify the most talented emerging communications professionals in ...

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Tips, insights, observations, predictions and strategy. The latest video blogs from the Palin Communications team will help shape and inform your next campaign.

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Video resources for the healthcare and medical sector by Palin PR

Our Latest Blogs

Read our latest blogs for advice relating to healthcare campaigns.
iSentia recently launched its Comms Agenda 2021 in which communication professionals across more than 21 industries and 14 countries were surveyed about the future of the communication profession ...
Someone told me the other day that Bill Gates was trying to kill me. I was surprised to learn this. I’ve never met Bill Gates and, while he could have my address somewhere in his trove of Microsoft ...
Australian pharmaceutical manufacturers operate in a heavily regulated sector. The Medicines Australia Code of Conduct is one of the key documents that guides companies when promoting prescription ...

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Our Services

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We work with our healthcare and medical clients to turn industry and business insights into award winning campaigns that build healthcare brands, grow categories and drive sales.

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Media Training

Sharpen your message and rehearse its delivery at a tailor-made media training session by Palin Communications. You’ll learn how to package stories, deliver news grabs and position your launch to perfection with a practical hands-on session designed to help you maximise “earned” media opportunities.

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Corporate Social Media

Social media is uniquely placed to help build communities of people who are affected by a particular health condition or who might be looking for a certain type of solution.

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Palin PR offers Disease Awareness PR Services

Disease Awareness

You’ve got a great solution for a specific disease area? Put that disease in the spotlight with a tailored “disease awareness” campaign incorporating editorial coverage, content marketing, celebrity ambassadors, social media support and advocacy from patient groups and influencers.

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Media Relations

We’ve been promoting health-related stories to the Australian media for over 20 years. You develop a pretty sharp news sense with that kind of experience.

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Palin PR Delivers Social and Digital Campaigns for the Healthcare Sector

Social & Digital Campaigns

Social media is uniquely placed to help build communities of people who are affected by a particular health condition or who might be looking for a certain type of solution.

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Stakeholder Engagement

With Palin’s “10 step plan” to better stakeholder management, we will help you secure support, leverage your relationships and amplify the message by showing who else supports it.

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Issue and Crisis Management

We’ve helped companies handle media interest in extortions, product recalls, lost court cases, negative research and regulatory knock backs. We’ve also run industry-endorsed workshops on “best practice” crisis management.

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Palin PR Delivers Product Launch Campaigns for the Healthcare Sector

Product Launches & Switches

A switch from prescription-only to OTC might be your one opportunity to raise awareness about your medicine. We’ve launched dozens of medical compounds in Australia via targeted, code-compliant, KOL-supported PR campaigns. Our up to date media relationships ensure you get the best “bang for your buck” when you commission us to help with your campaign.

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Video and Resources

Palin Communications has integrated compelling video content into many award-winning PR campaigns. It is often a key role in maximising the success of your health-related PR campaign.

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Palin PR provides Event Management services for the healthcare sector

Event Management

Events can be an integral part of effective PR. They can provide a focus for stakeholder engagement, an opportunity for media and a point of engagement for consumers.

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Experiential Programs

Letting people experience the brand first hand can be a key part of an effective PR promotion. Whether it is sampling a new product with commuters in the CBD, filling out a brief risk assessment or contributing to a new “World Record” experiential tactics deliver an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with our audience.

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Best practice PR campaigns are built on research, commissioned surveys and newsworthy insights. Plus research helps you determine the impact of your campaign. Did attitudes change? Are GPs more comfortable chatting to patients about your issue? Are sales spikes correlated with editorial support?

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Palin Pet Projects

We're all about health - whether human or animal. So if your focus is on pet owners, pet lovers, or pet-related healthcare professionals – we’re here to help.


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Our campaigns have received recognition from both Australian and International PR and communications awards.

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