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Issue & Crisis Management

Issue and crisis management for events such as extortions, recalls, lost court cases, negative research and regulatory knockbacks.

Palin PR work with a wide range of healthcare and wellness related brands to help create and manage their reputations within the consumer market place, key stakeholders, regulators and the media - even when disaster strikes.

We understand what it takes to act quickly, yet calmly and strategically, to align our clients interests with the right approach and messaging to help alleviate the often negative issues that can arrive with public crisis or negative events.

You can choose the level of service you would like for us depending on your internal resources and needs. These are:

  1. Engage our team to take a lead role in managing your crisis or issue

  2. Engage our team to work alongside and advise your internal team who will take the lead for your crisis management

  3. Engage our industry-endorsed workshop based training to teach your internal team best-practice crisis management and to prepare them for any future crisis that needs to be managed.

The basis for mitigating the impact of this interest is preparedness, diligent stakeholder management, scenario planning and message rehearsal. Plus nimbleness. When it breaks you need to move fast.

However, you only know where to move TO if you’ve done the preparation.

Improve the way your executives manage media interest in crises such as extortions, product recalls, lost court cases, negative research and regulatory knock-backs.
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