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​We work with various health and medical clients to turn industry and business insights into award-winning campaigns that build brands, grow categories, raise awareness and improve health literacy.

Custom hands-on sessions to sharpen your message, rehearse its delivery, deliver news grabs and position your launch to maximise “earned” media opportunities.

Media Training

Drive a professional social media program to build communities around people with a specific health condition or those advocates for a certain solution.

Social & Digital Campaigns

Improve the way your executives manage media interest in crises such as extortions, product recalls, lost court cases, negative research and regulatory knock-backs.

Issue & Crisis Management

We’ve been promoting health-related stories to the Australian media for over 20 years. You develop a pretty sharp news sense with that kind of experience.

Media Relations

Deploy our “10-Step Plan” to better stakeholder management to secure support, leverage your relationships and amplify the message by showing who else supports it.

Stakeholder Engagement

Put your solution in the spotlight with a tailored Disease Awareness Campaign including editorial coverage, content marketing, celebrity ambassadors, social media, and advocacy from patient groups and influencers.

Disease Awareness

Research, commissioned surveys and newsworthy insights help create best-practice PR campaigns and their impact on attitudes, behaviour, awareness, and more. 


Social media is uniquely placed to help build communities impacted by a particular health condition or looking for a certain type of solution.

Corporate Social Media

Launch your medical compound in Australia via our targeted, code-compliant, KOL-supported PR campaigns using our media relationships for excellent coverage.

Product Launches

Integrate compelling video content in your PR campaigns as a key element to maximising the success of your health-related PR campaign.

Video & Resources

Events can be an integral part of effective PR. They can provide a focus for stakeholder engagement, an opportunity for media and a point of engagement for consumers.

Event Management

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