Some people think Healthcare PR only targets doctors and pharmacists.

Not true.
We build campaigns that integrate earned, paid and owned media to drive meaningful change for your business. Our team balances nimble and evolving expertise with a sense of what works derived from over 20 years of PR success.

Your focus might be increasing awareness about a particular disease or helping change the way it is managed by specific healthcare professionals.
It might be improved relations between a manufacturer and the people who recommend its products or political changes in the way medical technology, new treatment options and health-related devices are perceived by governments and stakeholders.

Whatever your health-related challenge,
we have you covered

Our campaigns are built around
actionable insights and underpin
major changes in community
attitudes, public policy, treatment
preferences, health-related behaviour
and medical practice.

We are shaking things up in the healthcare sector

Palin is a healthcare PR agency located in Australia
Palin is a healthcare PR agency in Australia
Of course healthcare professionals are important target audiences in many projects, but the element that defines healthcare PR is not the target audience – it is the subject matter. And the subject matter is always health-related.
So whether it is building an engaged social media community of people affected by Psoriasis, speaking to the audience of Sunday Night about a new cancer compound or talking to ophthalmologists in professional newsletters about new approaches to eye surgery - it's all healthcare PR.

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