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Social & Digital Campaigns

Create healthcare-related online and social campaigns to amplify your message and help a broad audience inform themselves as to the issues and your solutions.

Palin Communications understands from experience the PR potential of social media.

We have implemented a wide range of award-winning health-focused campaigns that harness the potential of social media to build communities of people affected by specific health issues and drive increased awareness of new treatment options.

Social media is uniquely placed to help build communities of people who are affected by a particular health condition or who might be looking for a certain type of solution.

This reality is reflected in the many social media success stories featured on the Palin Communications website. Whether it is driving traditional editorial interest in social media campaigns, turning an online “buzz” into strong advocacy for a particular product or ensuring that all the elements come together in a way that complies with your company’s social media policy, Palin Communications can help achieve it all.

Online and social media platforms are where your audience is getting their information. Palin Communications will help you leverage these in a code-compliant way to amplify your messages to the right audiences.

Drive a professional social media program to build communities around people with a specific health condition or those advocates for a certain solution.
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