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Agency Values Underpin New Hires and Promotions

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The team is evolving at Palin Communications but our values of inclusiveness, innovation, client-centricity, respect, trust and flexibility remain the same.

Agency Values Underpin New Hires and Promotions

Karina Durham, wIn fact, these values don’t just underpin what happens day-to-day and how we interact with clients. They also inform our recruitment process.

Because you can only deliver great results for clients if you attract the very best and brightest into your team, right?

So it has been great to add some new people into the mix through the early part of 2022. Juliette Bagwell started as a Senior Account Executive in January 2022, soon followed by Joni Thomes who joined the Palin Communications Senior Management Team as an Associate Director in February 2022.

Sarah Rumsey and Ana Nazarenko have seamlessly transitioned into project management roles while Hamish Walsh is now well entrenched in the team as a Senior Account Manager.

All of our new recruits say that the “values-based” approach of Palin Communications is part of what attracts them to come and work here.

We’ve all really enjoyed our hybrid working model this year which combines the flexibility of scheduled work-from-home time and the fun of catching up in the office on a regular basis. Recent team celebrations, our Away Day at the beautiful Quarantine Station, our Mindful Movement Workshop and the Harmony Day Lunch have all definitely been highlights.


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