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Building disease awareness and running campaigns

Palin Communications and Hearts4heart recently promoted Heart Valve Disease (HVD) Awareness Week (26 February – 3 March). The aim was to improve recognition of the risks and symptoms specific to HVD. The key message was aimed at people at risk of HVD, including those age 65 and older (or anyone experiencing symptoms), to speak with their GP about getting their heart checked.  

Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week
Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week

Throughout the week, we were able to generate over 400 earned media stories, resulting in over 15 million opportunities to see campaign messages. Hearts4heart also supported heart screening events across the country to help Australians understand their risk of HVD. The screening events were available to all members of the public at select hospitals in NSW and VIC.  

If left undetected and untreated, heart valve disease can damage the heart’s valves and lead to heart failure, stroke, and an irregular heartbeat. These complications can have a significant toll on people’s quality of life and can also result in avoidable deaths, said hearts4heart CEO and founder Tanya Hall.  

“However, if heart valve disease is diagnosed early, it is treatable, and people with the disease can live a full and happy life. Which is why during Heart Valve Disease Awareness Week we try to ensure all Australians have the condition front of mind.”  



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