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Palin and Perrigo Deliver Good News on Premature Births

Perrigo Australia recently welcomed better access to its progesterone treatment reimbursed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for the prevention of preterm births in Australian women.

Karina Durham is now CEO at Palin Communications
Issac as a newborn and today

Palin Communications worked with Perrigo on the announcement and the media relations.

The news package comprised women telling personal stories about the impact of preterm birth and experts explaining the correlation between full-term pregnancies and the delivery of healthier babies.

An exclusive TV news story ran on Channel 7 TV news in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania. News Ltd also ran stories via the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph which were syndicated across a range of other News Ltd mastheads. The news was also reported across a range of healthcare (eg Hospital and Healthcare) and medical publications (eg, The Medical Republic).

Palin Communications was extremely pleased to play a role in the launch given the importance of the topic to Australian women and the significance of the milestone for Perrigo.

The General Manager of Perrigo Australia, Leanne Brydon said the company was very proud that its efforts to make its product more accessible had been successful. “The PBS listing means that not only pregnant women will have access to Australian made, Government subsidised vaginal progesterone, but also that the Australian Government supports Australian pharmaceutical manufacturing and local jobs. It’s an exciting milestone for Perrigo,” said Leanne.


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