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Palin Communications Works to get Audiology Australia Heard

It’s been a big year for health education and Audiology Australia is keen to make sure the importance of hearing health doesn’t get left out.

A record number of children with hearing loss graduated from The Shepherd Centre’s world-leading early intervention program in 2020.

Not many people know exactly what audiologists do. So Palin Communications and Audiology Australia are treating this as a great opportunity to tell a cohesive story about the role they play in improved hearing. Plus we want to shine a light on the social and economic consequences of undetected hearing loss.

The first part of the integrated PR strategy has been centred around a new ‘Find an Audiologist’ search tool, which contains a database of accredited audiologists across Australia.

We also produced a series of GIF’s playing out various scenarios experienced by people with untreated hearing loss.

Our outreach generated strong interest and was picked up by local and national media outlets like Australian Radio National, 2GB and trade publications like The Link Disability Magazine. The Audiology Australia spokespeople were quoted in 100% of media coverage which generated over 120,000 opportunities to see.

The campaign produced a 25% increase in traffic to the ‘Find an Audiologist’ search tool via the Audiology Australia website.

We are looking forward to the second phase of campaign which will be set against the backdrop of World Hearing Day.


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