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Planning Big Things For 2023

Palin Communications recently headed to the beautiful Pittwater for our annual planning day. We did this to ensure we set ourselves up to deliver even better results for our clients in 2023. We want to be sure we understand our clients’ needs as best we can while constantly improving our methods to meet those needs.

Planning Big Things for 2023 at Palin Communications
Planning Big Things for 2023

So we:

  • reviewed results from our recent client audit

  • reviewed our net promoter scores

  • checked ourselves against the ‘best practice’ benchmarks from the Public Relations Institute of Australia agency survey

  • analysed the latest trends in communications and

  • reviewed what we’ve learnt in 2022.

Then in the name of some fun, we headed off after the planning session for a fantastic cocktail boat tour around Scotland Island finishing with a delicious dinner at Bert’s Restaurant and Bistro in the Newport Hotel.

Now that’s how you finish a big year... primed for next year!


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