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Quality of life into focus for Australians with HIV

World Aids Day in 2021 marked the 40 year milestone of the emergence of HIV around the world. One of the most important recent developments has been the focus on quality of life for people with HIV.

Karina Durham is now CEO at Palin Communications
Ian Roberts: Image Supplied

Providing the best possible care for people with HIV is not exclusively about diagnosis, antiretroviral therapy and reducing viral loads. It has now turned to the broader question of how we can best help people with HIV to improve their general quality of life.

Palin Communications worked with ViiV Healthcare Australia and other HIV stakeholders to convene an interactive livestream event that aimed to raise awareness of the importance of improved quality of life and reduced stigma for people living with HIV.

The expert panel for the livestream included clinicians, researchers and community representatives with opening comments from ViiV Healthcare and the National Association for People Living with HIV in Australia (NAPWHA).

The audience for the event consisted of healthcare professionals, patient representatives, people affected by HIV, journalists and interested members of the community. The livestream was promoted via the social media platforms of ViiV Healthcare and third-party social accounts across Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms.

A suite of educational assets was produced to invite key stakeholders to the event and then later to communicate post-event insights.

Palin Communications is delighted to be working with ViiV on this important communications program to help improve the quality of life for people with HIV.


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