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Sensitive Storytelling in Medical Communications

Palin Communications recently teamed up with our friends at Laundry Lane to run a webinar that explored the keys to Sensitive Storytelling in the pharmaceutical sector.

Industry pundits talk a lot about why sensitive storytelling is important. Our CEO, Karina Durham, and Associate Director – Client Services, Maya Ivanovic, fleshed it out by explaining exactly how it is done.

Left to right: Karina Durham, Will Cordukes, Maya Ivanovic
Left to right: Karina Durham, Will Cordukes, Maya Ivanovic

The benefits of helping your advocates tell compelling, sensitive stories are very clear says Maya.

"It's all about putting people first, being compassionate, careful with language and taking account of our existing biases and stereotypes," Maya said.

Focusing on the final outcome is important and raising that with other internal stakeholders early on is essential so sensitive storytelling is authentically and comfortably integrated into company’s commercial and compliance needs.

To view the full webinar go to:


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