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Halyard Health delivers quality message on personal protective equipment

Palin worked with Halyard Health to develop and deploy its ‘Don’t Wear the Risk, Wear HALYARD’ campaign from late 2020 into mid-2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of using quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep healthcare workers safe.

This made it essential for O&M Halyard to communicate its commitment to putting health outcomes first and holding themselves to high standards in the development and distribution of products that protect healthcare workers.

Palin Communications worked with Halyard Health to develop and implement its ‘Don’t Wear the Risk, Wear HALYARD’ campaign from late 2020 into mid-2021.The key audience for this campaign was healthcare workers, PPE purchasers and infection control specialists across Asia-Pacific. The campaign was rolled out across earned media, digital media, social media and O&M Halyard’s sales platforms.

The first part of the strategy focused on creating a unified visual identity and overarching messaging framework to brand the campaign to link all of the content together through consistent language and visuals.

A suite of assets was produced to communicate the campaign messages from videos featuring Halyard employees and Indian healthcare workers, to animations highlighting product features and education around correctly donning and doffing N95 respirators.

All campaign assets were then used to launch an ongoing multiplatform social media schedule for O&M Halyard APAC across LinkedIn and YouTube.

Select content was also promoted via paid support across healthcare publications including Hospital and Healthcare and LinkedIn promotions which drilled down to specific audiences within the APAC region.


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