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New option for West Australians with anxiety

Palin Communications creates and deploys a proactive, targeted PR program highlighting the clinical research around Kava as a treatment for chronic anxiety.

Kava (Piper methysticum), is a medicinal South Pacific plant which has been shown to help reduce anxiety. Recent updates to the Medicines and Poisons legislation means Kava is now available across the state, bringing WA in line with other Australian states, where it has been available for many years.

Leading Australian natural therapies brand MediHerb has pioneered research into the safety and efficacy of Kava for many years and partnered with the Palin team to leverage the regulatory development into earned editorial and social media conversation.M1345KavaForte.gif

A proactive, targeted PR program was built highlighting the clinical research around Kava - which compares favourably to the efficacy of existing medications for the treatment of chronic anxiety.


Mass media coverage including a Channel 10 News story syndicated across the network
Features in the West Australian and on 6PR radio in Perth
Numerous supportive social media posts including one via the Channel 10 Facebook page which achieved over 430,000 views


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