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Employee Engagement During a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Employee engagement has become a major focus for clients of Palin Communications over the past year. Royal Rehab is a large, multi-faceted organisation based in multiple locations and this has added another layer of complexity to their internal communications.

Hospital staff and essential workers continued to work on-site during 2020 however much of the workforce transitioned to a work from home model. This created a greater sense of separation and made employee engagement more challenging at a time when the main objective was to encourage everyone in the organisation to come together.

Palin Communications helped Royal Rehab to implement an integrated communications strategy that acknowledged the commitment of their staff, provided an impetus for employee morale and kept the various teams connected.

The first part of the strategy leveraged specific themes including #IGoToWorkFor and #HealthcareHero movements. We featured members of staff from across the business in content that touched on the amazing things they achieved in isolation.

The second part of the strategy focused on the development of The Royal Wrap podcast series. The ten-part series included interviews with a range of different employees who shared their unique perspectives and stories. This helped others within the team learn more about the many facets of Royal Rehab.

The Royal Rehab podcast allowed us to showcase the employees leading positive change to reinforce Royal Rehab’s values and boost overall employee morale.

The social media series drove high engagement across all social platforms, well above the normal averages. Royal Wrap podcast series generated over 990 total listens, averaging 99 listens per episode.

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