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Palin and Lifeline Remind Australians They Are Not Alone

Conversations about mental health became more important than ever during periods of turmoil.

Karina Durham is now CEO at Palin Communications
Ian Roberts: Image Supplied

Palin Communications had the privilege of working with Lifeline Australia during 2021 to help remind Australians about the importance of seeking support and looking after mental wellbeing.

The Palin team has been supporting Lifeline's proactive PR campaigns like The Hope Cycle and Out of the Shadows. With a focus on delivering remote mental health support and uniting communities to take collective action, Lifeline spokespeople and ambassadors encouraged people to not “suffer in silence”. The key call to action was for Australians to take care of each other and seek support in these difficult times.

Hope Cycle and Out of the Shadows campaigns generated nearly 20 million opportunities to see key messages, with passionate spokespeople sharing their own experiences with mental health issues.

With over 21 broadcast features, media stories appeared across major metropolitan outlets including Fox Sports, SBS, ABC radio, 4BC, plus print and online publications such as 7news Online, Yahoo, 9news Online and The Feed.

As the end of the year approaches we are excited to continue our partnership with Lifeline Australia with their Christmas Appeal which shines a light on mental health during the holiday season and provides practical tips to help support mental wellbeing over this busy period.

If you or anyone you know needs mental health support, 24/7 support is available at:

Lifeline - - 13 11 14

Beyond Blue - - 1300 22 4636

Kids Help Line - - 1800 55 1800


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