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Palin launches the Mindful Movement to Support Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is no secret that PR and communications professionals work in a high pressure environment. Employee mental health and wellbeing became even more crucial this year as the ‘always on’ news cycle and fast-paced workflow collided with the challenges of isolation and working from home.

Recognising the needs of our own consultants and the wider industry, Palin Communications created the Mindful Movement. This employee-led initiative ensures we remain focused, proactive and accountable when it comes to maintaining good health and mental wellbeing within our team.

The Mindful Movement has formalised our businesses’ mental health policy. Some of the initial focus areas include:

  • Supporting ‘mental health days’ so mental illness is destigmatised and viewed similarly to a physical illness

  • Setting up a clear system for tracking overtime and encouraging employees to take their well-earned breaks

  • Providing educational resources and sessions on mental health from organisations like Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue

  • Maintaining a thriving social calendar so we are connecting as a team outside of work-talk

This initiative also includes external engagement for accountability and continuous learning from others in our industry. We have proudly signed the Mentally Health Minimum Standards and Associate Director Karina Durham has joined the Mentally Healthy Change Group.

Industry challenges around mental health and wellbeing won’t be fixed overnight. The Mindful Movement has started tackling some key issues and we are committed to growing the initiative longer term.


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