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Improving the Quality of Life for People Living with HIV

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Championing quality of life is relevant to all aspects of healthcare across a range of specialities, especially for people living with HIV.

Karina Durham is now CEO at Palin Communications

Palin Communications had the privilege of supporting ViiV Healthcare Australia in announcing the recipients of the 2021 Positive Action Community Grants, a program which looks to fund community-based projects that reach those most affected by, or at risk of HIV.

With a focus on raising awareness of the recipient programs and their purpose, we executed a proactive communications strategy, that leveraged passionate spokespeople who could authentically speak to the benefits of the program and their own lived experiences.

The Positive Action Community Grants campaign generated over one million opportunities to see key messages with five stories across consumer and industry media including 9Honey, National Indigenous Times, Health Industry Hub, BioPharmaDispatch and Pharma in Focus.

We are thrilled to continue to support ViiV Healthcare Australia in ensuring no one with HIV is left behind.

The Palin team will continue to champion quality of life alongside ViiV Healthcare, particularly as we bring light to new medicines and collaborations aimed at supporting the HIV community in Australia.


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